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Renata's Legacy Life Center

Karen Salinas

October 2014 - God bless you and thank you for the opportunity to share how appreciative the children and I are for your faithfulness to Renata´s Legacy Life Center and the work the Lord is doing here in Cd. Victoria.   If the Lord...

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Africa Missions

Ron Kinnear

October 2014 - Africa Missions has been around for 20 years and we are celebrating! More than a hundred friends gathered to praise God for His faithfulness to this ministry through the years at a celebration breakfast. Pastors, leaders, and supporters came...

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IPHC World Missions Ministries

Joe Delport

September 2014 - Maputo, Mozambique Church Project - We were able to pour the concrete floor. It took seven days of hard work to complete the task. Work in Mozambique is normally very labor intensive. Nine men worked tirelessly mixing the concrete by hand....

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Latin Equip

Steve Hopkins

September 16, 2014 - The first week of each August is our annual pastors' conference in Lima. Pastors from Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador come together to receive a message of encouragement and challenge. This year, Tim & Rhonda Forsthoff ministered to...

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International Gospel Missions

K.C. George

October 2014 - By the grace of God and your prayers we returned safely from India. We had a mission tour while there with great results and acceptance from the people. We went through several villages and cities. We held seminars for the graduate level Bible...

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Dominic Russo

August 2014 - For the past several months we have been praying, fasting, and listening to the heart of God and we are more excited than ever before to be heading to the Dominican Republic. Nearly 1 in 4 of the countries 10 million residents are without clean...

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Missionaries to Asia

Clint Taylor

September 2014 - We are excited to share with you about the growth of our children's home in Myanmar. We started with six children and now have eight. We're excited that the Lord has blessed us to take in two more children. 1.9 million children under the age...

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Joel Bukenya

Joel Bukenya

Joel Bukenya in Uganda has an urgent prayer request. "The land next to our church in the suburbs of the capital city is for sale and the owners are believers and they wouldn't like to sale it to their competitors who want to use it for building a bar for evil...

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Christian Missionary Association

Helen Redman

September 2014 - Many of you know that my mother was diagnosed in January 2014 with two types of cancer and has been going through treatments for the last several months. She's done amazingly well with the first phase of chemo treatments and was diagnosed a...

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Worldwide Voice in the Wilderness

Johnny Moffitt

Please be our guest at: "Believe a Man Can Change", 36th Annual Anniversary Celebration Banquet, Friday September 19, 2014.   Our Special Speaker, Johnny Moffitt, is the founder and Director of WVIW. Since his conversion to Christ...

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Int'l Cross Cultural Ministries

Kit and Paulette Teasdale

April 26, 2014 - Every body in the country is going somewhere, it's a long week end. This happens every year. It's Easter and no one stays at home. There's family far away and it's time to get together, so they come or go from far and wide. Although this is...

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Destiny Leadership International

Wade Thompson

October 2014 - Linda and are so grateful for each of you who once again have made it possible for us impact nations this year in a new and dynamic way. From Texas to Thüringen, Germany, Tanzania, Africa, and the Czech Republic we have witnessed the...

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Leadership Training International

Mary Ann Cassidy

October 2014 - It's hard to believe that 8 years have passed since Bud went home to his heavenly reward. Yet here we are, still working. Still carrying the torch of Truth. Still lighting other torches. Church was Bud's life. His whole life. Over the years, we...

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Omega World Missions

Frank Brasel

January 2014 - The Typhoon Response Project is ongoing for now. What has been accomplished? Distributed food packs to 759 families Shared-A-Gift to 800 plus children and 182...

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Maranatha Visvasa Samajam

G. Moses Choudary

October 18, 2014 - The following is a report on Hudhud Cyclone from Silas and Padma Sirapurapu, the Regional Directors at Visakhapatnam. The damage and loss is beyond estimation. People have been staying under trees and temporary shelters for a week. The news...

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MasterBuilder Ministries

Jim Springer

October - Soon I fly to Minnesota and my mother is going to give me her car. She is 93 years old and has decided to give up driving. I will be traveling the states ministering. I will be in the USA and will be...

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Heaven's Reach Ministries

Dean and Melissa Lowman

October 2014 - We have been given a ‘Clinic in a Can’. This is a 40ft container that has been made into a medical clinic. It will provide permanent and consistent healthcare for those that cannot otherwise receive it. The clinic has 2 exam rooms, a lab,...

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Lester Seiler

Lester Seiler

May 2014 - The next big order of Bibles is due next month and then the distribution will begin. Those will be full Bibles in the Shona language. We distributed all that we had in English New Testaments to the workplaces. In the Bibles we placed a worksheet...

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Lighthouse Outreaches

Steve Mills

August 26, 2014 - Ebola Outbreak Food Aid - Lighthouse Outreaches is working in Sierra Leone and Liberia to help bring food to the families of victims of the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa. In response to the question, “Why food aid for an Ebola Outbreak?”...

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Doctors On Mission

Rik Celie

Time flies so fast… In my previous newsletter, I was talking about the dramatic circumstances and consequences of Super Typhoon Hayan when I was working in the Philippines to help out a missionary on several islands where no medical professionals had...

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Chairman's Note


Posted on: Oct 22, 2014

I just returned from one of the most exciting mission trips that I have ever made. I have been going to Mexico for over fifty years but always as a part of the "sent to" group...meaning I was "sent to" bring them the Gospel. This time I was invited to speak at a great church in Reynosa called Vision y Restauracion. This church was founded...

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Posted on: Oct 1, 2014

The "Heart and Soul" of WME is missions and rightfully so. I just got back Monday night from a great "Missions Weekend" at Revival Temple in Walker, Louisiana hosted by one of our Executive Board Members, Pastor Wes Courtney. The theme of the conference has never been more timely. It was in the form of a question: "Why the Urgency?" It is not hard...

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We have two months left in 2014 to fulfill our mission commitments to 75 projects around the world. We have already met 49 of these with only 26 left to complete and then it is time to .....celebrate! We need $38,000 to make this happen, and I already have $11,500 committed which leaves us a balance of only $26,500! God is OUR SOURCE and HE IS ABLE!

Prayerfully consider what you, your church or mission organization can give between now and December 31, 2014. You can never outgive God when you sow seed outside yourself!



  • Denham Springs, Louisiana - Monday, March 16 - Abundant Life Church, hosted by Pastor Richard Beatty
  • Hamilton, Alabama - Dates TBA, The Ramp, Hosted by Pastor Harry Saylor with Karen Wheaton Ministries
  • Northwest Arkansas - Thursday, April 23 - Northwest Arkansas, Christian Life Cathedral, Hosted by Pastor Steve Dixon. And on Wednesday night, you're cordially invited to participate in a round table conversation on the topic of CHURCH GROWTH. Host, Pastor Steve Dixon, will facilitate this round table conversation. This will be a great opportunity for pastors and ministry teams.Come early to our roundtable event and enjoy a meal at 6:00pm followed by this conversation from 7:00-8:15 on Wednesday evening April 22, 2015.
  • Texas - June 2, location TBA
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - Thursday, October 22 - Hosted by Pastor Ronnie Ball

2015 WME Global Roundtable Connection - August 4, 5, and 6, 2015 - Location TBA

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